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Darren Kuropatwa's Presentation Wiki

Extreme (web 2.0) Lesson Plan Makeover

Have you heard about how student engagement and retention is impacted by leveraging the power of the internet and web 2.0 pedagogies? 

We’ll model how to give your lesson plans a 21st Century Facelift so you can do the same with other lessons afterwards!


Contact info:

blog: A Difference

email: dkuropatwa {at} gmail {dot} com

twitter: dkuropatwa

slideshare: dkuropatwa

del.icio.us: dkuropatwa

flickr: dkuropatwa

it's the same all across the netiverse .... 


Below you will find the slides, a podcast, and links to resources mentioned in this presentation.



View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: teaching pedagogy)


Audio (1 hr 41 min 25 sec)

(download mp3 file, 61 MB)



How People Learn (free ebook)

How Students Learn (Math, Science, and History -- free ebook)

Quadratic Functions Mind Map on flickr

The class bucket full of mind maps

More about my flickr mind map assignment

Wiki Solution Manuals:

 • Grade 11 Pre-Calculus

 • Grade 12 Pre-Calculus

 • Grade 12 Applied Math

 • AP Calculus

My son's (grade 7 ELA) Mapping Poster Project on Google Maps

My Student's Developing Expert Voices Projects from 2008 (Assignment and Assessment)


delicious (Darren's account, John Evan's account)


Great Summary



K12 Onliine Conference







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